Generate SSL certificates using openssl

Generate SSL certificates using openssl with a Certificate Signing Request and signing it by a Certificate Authority. The file and are the Certificate Authority We will be genrating the and (Certificate Signing Request) files from the below command. [root@node01 ssl]# openssl req -new -sha256 -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout -days 365 -out -sha256 -subj … Read more

Rename files in linux

The linux command has very featureset, It can be used to rename the file(s) and Directory names, also also used to relocate the contents and help better in organizing the files and directories on a linux OS. Syntax of mv command: $ mv [OPTIONS] </path/to/Source> </path/to/Destination> How to rename a single file The rename operation … Read more

date command formatting with practical examples in Linux / Unix

Date Command in Linux is very extensive and dynamic, provides very rich date formatting and is greatly customizable for working with scripts which depend on time based invocations. Linux command can also be used to set the system date and it requires the root permission. Lets run date command and examine the output. [vamshi@node02 log]$ … Read more

Setting hostname in Linux

In the systemd Environment there has been an architectural change and the systemd daemon controlling all the essential processes root 1 0 0 Apr15 ? 00:00:12 /usr/lib/systemd/systemd –switched-root –system –deserialize 32 We can make use of the command to immediately reflect the system hostname change. Command to get the current hostname on Linux: [vamshi@server02 ~]$ … Read more

How to Shutdown or Reboot a remote Linux Host from commandline

The Shutdown process in a Linux system is an intelligent chain process where in the system ensures the dependent process have successfully terminated. TL;DR: Difference between the Halt and Poweroff in Linux? What is a Cold Shutdown and Warm Shutdown? Linux System : The Halt process instructs the hardware to Stop the functioning of the … Read more

Linux Copy File Command for Files and Directories – cp Command Examples

Linux copy files command: is generally used for organizing the data on the Linux operating system, It copies the files and directories. We shall take a deeper look at Linux cp command-utility in the section In order to copy files and directories, you must have read permissions on the source file(s) and write permissions on … Read more