Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

Do you want to learn the Linux commands? If yes, then you are in the right place. There are uncountable commands in Linux. Generally, we use some of the Linux commands from the Linux commands cheat sheet regularly to perform the common tasks. is a free Python tutorial website for people who want to … Read more

create multiple files and Directories at once in Windows Command line

The windows commandline also known as cmd provides the cli interaction to the windows operating system. The Windows powershell which has been recently made opensource provides cross platform compatibility and can also be installed on Linux OS. The command to create a file in Powershell: PS /home/vamshi> New-Item -ItemType file testfile.txt There is another simpler … Read more

SVN commands

SVN is Version controlling system and predates git, It was one of the most widely used version control system and served the community and still going on.. It had its own share advantages and shortcomings. In this tutorial we will shed some light on practical usecases of SVN and day-to-day activities. How to take a … Read more

Rename files in linux

The linux command has very featureset, It can be used to rename the file(s) and Directory names, also also used to relocate the contents and help better in organizing the files and directories on a linux OS. Syntax of mv command: $ mv [OPTIONS] </path/to/Source> </path/to/Destination> How to rename a single file The rename operation … Read more

chown and chgrp commands to change ownership of files and directories in Linux

The commands chown and chgrp are extensively used in linux systems to update the ownership and organize the file structure. TL;DR: The command can be implemented in the following two types of notations. 1) User and group owner Symbolic notation 2) Reference operator The options/filters will be common to them for the two kinds on … Read more

How to Shutdown or Reboot a remote Linux Host from commandline

The Shutdown process in a Linux system is an intelligent chain process where in the system ensures the dependent process have successfully terminated. TL;DR: Difference between the Halt and Poweroff in Linux? What is a Cold Shutdown and Warm Shutdown? Linux System : The Halt process instructs the hardware to Stop the functioning of the … Read more

Change file(s) and Directory/Folder ownership – chmod command in Linux

The Linux command utility is used to set permissions on files and directories The command , or Change Mode, is widely used to modify the access permissions of files and directories, This facilitates the users to keep the data secure and properly organized. There are three types the file permissions can be modified using chmod … Read more