NANO Tutorial for Linux

NANO Tutorial for Linux

Start nano:

nano textFile.txt

Show help:

Ctrl + G

Hide help:

Ctrl + X

Save file:

Ctrl + O

Save and exit:

Ctrl + X then answer Y

Exit without saving:

Ctrl + X then answer N

Go to previous/next line:

Ctrl + P/Ctrl + N

Go to previous/next screen:

Ctrl + Y/Ctrl + V

Go to the line and column number:

Ctrl + _

Insert another file into the current file:

Ctrl + R, enter path to the file

Search for string or regular expression:

Ctrl + W

Cut the current line and store it in the cutbuffer:

Ctrl + K

Uncut from the cutbuffer to the current line:

Ctrl + U

Copy the current line to cut buffer:

Alt + 6 or Alt + ^

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