What is Bash Script

What is Bash Script

Metaphorically speaking bash script is like a ‘to-do list’. After you read the first entry you start realizing it. After you finished first entry, you continue with the second entry and so on.

A bash script is a text file that contains a mixture of commands.

Bash script can contain also functions, loops, conditional constructs. Scripts are commonly used for administration task like change file permission, creating disk backups. Using bash scripts is often faster than using the graphical user interface.

It’s important to mention that there is no difference between putting series of 10 commands into a script file and executing that script or you entering commands one by one to the command-line interface. In both situations, the result will be exactly the same thing.

After you create your script it is good practice to add the extension ‘.sh’ to the filename, for example ‘myFirstScript.sh’.

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