Jenkins admin password reset

The config file contains the XML tags to enforce the security, you have to disable this option by changing it to false from true.

If you happen to forget your admin account jenkins password, Then you need to have the shell acccess to your jenkins setup
and modify config.xml and restart the jenkins service..
The passwords in jenkins are one way hash and they are encrypted using jbcrypt.

Lets look at a couple of ways to reset the password, first is disable to global security on jenkins server by modifying the /var/lib/jenkins/config.xml as shown below:
First method is to completely disable the security on Jenkins so that you can access the Jenkins without any password prompt, which means any body on the network can do so if they have the knowledge about it. Please advise caution.

[vamshi@linuxcent jenkins]$ sudo grep useSecurity -C1 /var/lib/jenkins/config.xml
<authorizationStrategy class="">

Proceed to restart the jenkins service from commandline.

Login to the GUI and then update the password. These files contain the jenkins login information.

How to reset the user password of jenkins ?

The second method being directly modifying the jbcrypt hashed password present in the file /var/lib/jenkins/users/<Your UserName>/config.xml
For example:

[root@linuxcent jenkins]# grep password /var/lib/jenkins/users/admin_353942241645223362/config.xml

Now replace the jbcrypt hash code line with this
and save the file. The decrypted password is admin and use this password for the next time login after restating jenkins service.

This process will come in real handy in case you forgot your jenkins login password
Alternately you can use this hash
#jbcrypt:$2a$10$razd3L1aXndFfBNHO95aj.IVrFydsxkcQCcLmujmFQzll3hcUrY7S — for a decrypted password called test

NOTE: This is only a hash is a simple temporary password to login to the jenkins and needs to be change to a stronger password

Now save the file /var/lib/jenkins/users/admin_353942241645223362/config.xml and restart the Jenkins server:

$ sudo systemctl restart jenkins

Now navigate to your Jenkins UI, enter your username and the password “admin” to login.
Once you are logged in make sure to navigate to
eg:<Your Username>/configure

Changing admin password in Jenkinsand Now enter a preferred new strong password and save the changes, You will be automatically logged out and then logback in with the new password.

How do I find my Jenkins admin password?

For this the Username is admin. Password should be located in: $JENKINS_HOME/secrets/initialAdminPassword.
You can view the password using: cat /var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword.
cat $JENKINS_HOME/secrets/initialAdminPassword.

What is Jenkins default admin password?

Initializing Jenkins. The first time you start Jenkins, the configuration is created along with the administrator user and password. The default login is admin/password.

How do I find my username and password for Jenkins Windows?

  • Copy the initialAdminPassword in Specified path.
  • Login with following Credentials User Name : admin Password : <da12906084fd405090a9fabfd66342f0>
  • Once you login into the jenkins application you can click on admin profile and reset the password.

How do I log into Jenkins without a password?

How to Reset Jenkins Admin User Password

  • Enable “Enable Security’ option.
  • In Security Realm option select “Jenkins own database”
  • Make sure to uncheck “Allow users to sign up” option under the “Jenkins own database” option.
  • Save Changes – Save all changes made above.

How do I change my Jenkins UI password?

Reset Jenkins Admin Password

Select the “Security Realm” (e.g. “Jenkins’ own user database” ) and click on “Save” Go to “People” -> Click on a username for which you want to change the password (e.g. admin ) -> “Configure” -> Enter a new password in the “Password” and “Confirm password” fields and click on “Save”

How do I create a Jenkins user and password?

  • Steps to create a new user
  • Login into Jenkins.
  • Go to Manage Jenkins.
  • Go to Create Users.
  • Enter all the details – Username, Password, Confirm Pwd, FullName, Email.
  • Select Create User.

How do I reset Jenkins to default?

  • In config. xml , set disableSignup to false .
  • Restart Jenkins.
  • Go to the Jenkins web page and sign up with a new user.
  • In config. …
  • If it’s a private server, set disableSignup back to true in config. …
  • Restart Jenkins.
  • Go to the Jenkins web page and log in as the new user.
  • Reset the password of the original user.

How do I restart Jenkins?

  • Go to the Jenkins installation, open the cmd and run:
  • To stop: jenkins.exe stop.
  • To start: jenkins.exe start.
  • To restart: jenkins.exe restart.

How do I unlock Jenkins?

  • Unlocking Jenkins
  • From the Jenkins console log output, copy the automatically-generated alphanumeric password (or) open the file located in /var/Jenkins_home/secrets/initialAdminPassword .
  • On the Unlock Jenkins page, paste this password into the Administrator password field and click Continue.

How do I reset my Jenkins password on Mac?

  • To Reset individual password:
  • Go to /opt/bitnami/apps/jenkins/jenkins_home/users/gmhawash.
  • Edit config. xml file.
  • Remove the passwordHash tag (you can now log in without password)

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