Install java on Linux centos

In this tutorial we will quickly setup java on linux centos, We will be using the yum command to download the openjdk 1.8 and install [vamshi@node01 ~]$ sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk.x86_64 We have installed the java openjdk 1.8 and we can check the version using java -version [vamshi@node01 ~]$ java -version openjdk version “1.8.0_252” OpenJDK … Read more

Git config setup on linux; Unable to pull or clone from git; fatal: unable to access git; Peer’s Certificate has expired

Facing an issue with pulling the repository while dealing with an expired SSL certificate. [vamshi@workstation ~]$ git pull fatal: unable to access ‘’: Peer’s Certificate has expired. [vamshi@workstation ~]$ SSL error while cloning git URL If you have faced the error, then we can work around it by ignoring SSL certificate check and continue … Read more

check linux version

The Linux OS has many Distributions and various versions with slight modifications in the kernel versions, a major and minor version identification is crucial to practical administration of a linux server. Linux being open source, the release cycles are continuous resulting in many changes with Longterm release and short term release cycles in some most … Read more

Control Structures in Linux BASH

The Linux BASH provides many operators to check against keyword We are going to explain the Conditional comparison Operators for the Keyword parameter to or For a detailed explanation of the Keyword test or Please refer to our Control Structure: Bash If then Else.   File Comparison Operators Condition Explanation -d “$file” Returns true if … Read more